What Does Miss USA Do? Here Are Her Responsibilities

It could be difficultto separate Miss USA from bikinis and stilettos, especially sincethe life of the winner post-crowning remains somewhat mysterious.

Do any of us know what happens after Miss USA receives her tiara and sash?

Well get the lowdown this Sunday, May 14 at 8 pm EDT on Fox asDeshauna Barber our 2016 Miss USA gets ready to passdown her duties to a new lady for one year.

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So, about those duties. We did a little digging, and heres what we found out.

First and foremost, the winner is relocated to New York City.

According to the Miss USA website, the winner will immediately move to a luxury apartment in New York City, which will be her home base.

That sounds better than the walk-ups most 20-somethings get upon their moves to New York, if you ask me.

She must focus on her career after getting her crown.

The pageants website says the women who win and are brought to New York must cultivate their personal career goals, and New York seems like the perfect place to get that in order.

Our 2016 winner,Deshauna Barber, was promoted from First Lieutenant to Captain in the US Army Reserveduring her yearwith the crown.

She gets to compete in Miss Universe

Its a tradition.

She will work closely helpingothers.

Miss USAs website states the winner must be an advocate for humanitarian issues and be a voice to affect positive change in the world.

The organization, Miss Universe, partners with nonprofits like Best Buddies and Smile Train, among others to help with various causes.

Check out some of Miss USA winners of years past and their initiatives.

She will attend popular events.

Fashion week, movie premieres, sporting events, oh my! That is definitely a responsibility a lot of women can appreciate.

Tune in to see how itll all go down tonight.

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