Katy Perry Casually Wore A Sports Bra And Heels To Fancy Dinner Party

Katy Perrywore the most casual sports bra of all time to a super fancy event because when youre a big-time Hollywood person, you can pull off that kind of crap.

The music icon has been known for her out-there style for years. Wearing over-the-top costumes has sort of become her bread and butter.

Shes like a more approachable version of Lady Gaga circa-2010 (before the Tony Bennett years) the kind you can show to kids without having to explain what PETA is.

The days of bright and colorful Katy may be a little behind us, though. She recently shaved a bunch of her hair off and has adopted this sports bra fashion thing that we still dont know if we like or not.

Yes, or no?


The picture was taken on Thursday night at a dinner she attended celebratingChanels Gabrielle bag. She wore a black bomber jacket, silky sweatpants, high heels and a sports bra to the event.

Perry was joined at the dinner by Rachel Zoe and Poppy Delevingne.


OK, Ill give you that it is, without question,a designer sports bra. Plus, the sheer fabric above it saves it from being overwhelmingly sports bra-ish.

That being said, its still, like, an exposed black sports bra to a Chanel event. Katy has balls. Great balls.


We are living in an exciting time to be a Katy Perry fan. After the 32-year-old singer ended things with Orlando Bloom,she decided to make another major life change by chopping her hair offand dying it blonde.

She chronicled the change on her Snapchat.

This is a wayyyyy more relatable Perry who has been open with her fans on social media lately.

A few days ago, she posted this picture where she admitted she Googled Katy Perry Hot to see some pictures of herself being hot in order to boost her self-esteem.

Im not even Katy Perry, and I feel like my self-esteem has been boosted.

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