41 Questions All Women Need To Answer

But seriously. Why do women want their backs tickled?

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monkeybusinessimages / Thinkstock 1. Matt @MVTTKIM

Why do women want their backs tickled, wouldn't a massage be better..?

2. elden meliek . @BigEzZy_E

Why do women lie

3. 2014 NBA CHAMPS @NoahDouglas21

Why do women say stuff that they really don't mean

4. Hashtag Jefe @CaptainKaos3

Why do women always want to “squeeze” babies? Violent freaks. End the #WarOnBabies

5. Fire♈ @CajunVixin85

Why do women bring the whole family to doctors appointments

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wavebreakmedia / Thinkstock 6. indian ♥ @pinkcocaineee_

Why do women by 1 inch heels, like what is the purpose?

7. Jacob Halechko @ogreswords

@zackbar_ron hey why do women have small feet

8. Boom @boom_goes_the

Why do women always hand me a fake beard and turn off the lights?

9. CC @_SoDamnGood_

Why do women complain about their relationships yet still stay in them? Same reason why they wear high heels

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prizela_ning / Thinkstock 10. Mikey C @one_hand_wonder

Why do women have to be so hard to understand

11. Gee. @SOULxciety

why do women get so upset when you unfollow them on social networks?

12. Sophie @sophielou721

Why do women have such complicated gamete production?! #A2biology

13. Mr FALO @Truth_I_be

Why do women dislike eachother so much?

14. Muggles @BrierleyEleanor

Why do women in rock songs always wear cheap perfume?

15. Fit Chic Bitch @fitchicbitch

Why do women over 40 shout whenever they talk on the phone??? #petpeeve

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KonstantinGushcha / Thinkstock 16. Tymothy Bair @tymothybair395

Why do women like to have sex with the lights off? Easy, they can't stand to see a man have a good time. 😉

17. RICEY @riceyhobo

Why do women have to do something on the train.. they can't just sit there, they're always fiddling with something!! Does my swede in!!!

18. Callum Növelli ® @___UKF___

Why do women get their makeup on while they are on public transport? Just get ready at home like normal people, that's why its called “home”

19. Guillermo Bautista⚽ @Bautista1993

Why do women need to use more than 4 towels to shower. Seriously!!! It's a crime.

20. Chong⛄ @Back_Joucher

Why do women take pictures with half of their face cut out? Ion understand lolol


Why do women get mad when guys approach them? It's life

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DanComaniciu / Thinkstock 22. Jœy Rawlings @12awlings

@YdocDolo why do women friend zone the nice guys then date assholes? Its an outrage.

23. ❁ ❁ @lndieNouis


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